Meet octobot, a soft-bodied robot that looks like the future
Aug 26th, 2016 by Dennis G. Jerz

Our future robot overlords never looked so squishy. A team of Harvard University scientists has built an entirely soft robot — one that’s inspired by an octopus.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 11.44.57 PM

Squishy, Like an Octopus, Awesome
Aug 17th, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

Not quite a hectopus, but cool. A robot prototype, with camouflage capability.


Hectopus Chair Made from Cardboard and Glue
Jul 22nd, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

hectopus chair made completely out of cardboard and hot glue
he’s a hectopus cuz he’s only got 6 legs
Hector the Hectopus by ~xForEverInMyDreamsx on deviantART.


Octopus in Primary colors with rattle Crackle Rattle Squeak
Jun 27th, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

Not as cute as Rainbow Hector, but if you absolutely must have a brightly-colored, smiling, multi-armed creature, this might do.


(Thanks, Robert!)

Sighting of the Rare Tufted Dashboard Octopus
Oct 11th, 2009 by Dennis G. Jerz

Karissa sends this snapshot by e-mail, noting that this creature is an impostor.


United Pepper Lili Webcam (Blue)
Jul 17th, 2008 by Dennis G. Jerz

I think it has five legs rather than six, but it’s still worth a link.

Thanks for the suggestion, Rosemary.

Octopus Solving a Maze
May 28th, 2008 by Dennis G. Jerz

Rainbow Hector’s eight-legged cousins are pretty cool, too. See an octopus solving a maze. (Via.)

Yes, we think of you when we see octopus toys
Jan 13th, 2008 by Dennis G. Jerz

Hi Dr. Jerz!

Attached are a couple photos of what Mike and I thought was a Hectopus wannabe. (Yes, we think of you when we see octopus toys, haha.) We were out shopping after Christmas and when we walked into a toy store this struck us as odd. The thing (erm, “Squiddo”) has a zipper for a mouth. A bit disturbing, really… And it only has four legs (for stability or tunnel-like appearance, perhaps?). Maybe he’s 50% off because he only has half the legs of the mighty Hectopus.

I asked Mike to take photos of it on his cell phone since he can transfer them without incurring a fee. I hope the quality is acceptable. Enjoy! 🙂

Karissa (and Mike, in absentia)


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Octopus Christmas Tree
Dec 9th, 2007 by Dennis G. Jerz


Futuregirl writes:

Last January, I got the sweetest email from a woman named Lenore asking for the pattern for Octophrost. She told me:

“Every year I make a Christmas ornament for my grand and great grand children. I would love to make this little fellow. For Christmas 2006 I made 90 ornaments. Three more babies are expected that I know of so I may need to make near 100. That means starting early.”

Squidtivity (or Nativity populated by squids)
Nov 23rd, 2007 by Dennis G. Jerz


Squids will also be wrapped up in their own storage box!

This squidtivity will be made upon ordering and colors may not be the same as those pictured.squidtivity.jpg

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