Rainbow Hector Teaches Active and Passive Verbs
Oct 25th, 2013 by Dennis G. Jerz


Discretion in First-Person Shooters
Feb 13th, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

I recently learned that my kids have the habit of turning this hectopus (a toy they’ve each played with since babyhood) away from the screen when they play Half-Life 2.


Moral Dilemma: Rainbow Hector Going to the Dogs?
Nov 1st, 2004 by Dennis G. Jerz

I returned from class to find a message on my answering machine… a woman from Florida says she’d be willing to pay “anything” for one of my remaining Gund Rainbow Hectors.
I am always willing to help out a fellow devotee, but I wish she handn’t told me she wanted to buy it for her dog!
More specifically, her blind dog (who follows the jingling sound it makes when it bounces).
I have seven Rainbow Hectors here in my office, including two still sealed in their shipping bags. Assuming that I do sell her one of them, how do I choose? Would I rather a hectopus stay in my office safe from harm, or get slobbered and loved (possibly to pieces)?
Perhaps I need to get out more…

Life in Hexagons
Jun 8th, 2004 by Dennis G. Jerz

www antimodal com features the classic cell simulation game on a hexagonal grid. Rainbow Hector likes hexagons.

Blogshares Report
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Who Buys Rainbow Hector Weblog Shares? (via Jerz’s Litearcy Weblog)
Who is deb_c and why, why did she purchase 2,500 blogshares of my Rainbow Hector Weblog just a few hours ago?

Hands Off!
Sep 26th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

Wilda, who has patiently mentored me as I take over her role as advisor to the student paper, stops by my office. We are chatting about weblogs. She works for Seton Hill University’s National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education. I’ve been trying to get her to consider publicizing the center’s activities via blogging.
In the middle of the conversation, she spots the Rainbow Hector I keep on my desk, picks him up and asks about him. I tell her that, for some reason, I keep a weblog devoted to Rainbow Hector.

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Moving to MovableType
Sep 14th, 2003 by Dennis G. Jerz

I’m getting to know MovableType, and slowly converting the entries from my old hand-coded Rainbow Hector Weblog.

Rainbow Hector says: Don’t Be Square, Try a Hexagon
Jun 28th, 2002 by Dennis G. Jerz

“Welcome to the Hall of Hexagons, which is where you’ll find .. er… hexagons. There are many ways to use hexagons, many places you’ll find them.” — David King

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