Photobooth Art with Hectopodes
Jul 3rd, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz






Octopus in Primary colors with rattle Crackle Rattle Squeak
Jun 27th, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

Not as cute as Rainbow Hector, but if you absolutely must have a brightly-colored, smiling, multi-armed creature, this might do.


(Thanks, Robert!)

Rainbow Hector Bonanza
Jun 27th, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

My brother-in-law sent me a link to this hectopus for sale. At this price, I am not feeling the need to add to the collection, but this fellow sure is a cute one.


Hectopodes Audition for Seussical
Jun 21st, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

My 10yo can’t wait for her summer theater camp to begin in a few weeks. Today I found that she had collected all the hectopodes in the house and lined them up to make them sing for her. She has a pad of paper on which she is rating each hectopus on “sweetness,” “funk,” and “blending,” apparently so she can cast them in the proper roles in Seussical. (Currently, Kirktopus is in the running for Horton, having auditioned with “Catch a Falling Star.”)


Father’s Day Kirktopus
Jun 17th, 2012 by Dennis G. Jerz

My daughter made me a Kirktopus for Father’s Day.


Hector Teaches Active and Passive Verbs
Oct 7th, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

Dr. Jerz tossed this fine fellow at me during class today to illustrate the difference between active and passive voice. I’m pretty sure he’s a hexapus although I originally wrote hectapus. “Dr. Jerz threw the hexapus at Katy” versus “The hexapus was thrown at Katy.” I shouldn’t EVER forget active and passive voice again although I’m sure I will eventually.

Good thing his throw was a little short because I would not have caught the poor thing! Anyways, the hexapus made a great desk buddy during the lecture, and I wanted to share his adorableness with the rest of my class. —Katelyn Snyder

Rainbow Hector’s trip to Oregon, California and Alaska
Oct 2nd, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

My sister and her husband sent me these photos, demonstrating that one of their hectopodes had a few adventures recently.

Hectopus Army
Jul 30th, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

My 9yo made this hectopus army. “You might ask what they are fighting. The evil XYZ hectopodes.”



Ship of Hectors
Jul 23rd, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

My brother-in-law Robert writes, “We’re testing out Rosemary’s new camera and thought you might like this. We’re thinking about having it printed on a t-shirt.”


Discretion in First-Person Shooters
Feb 13th, 2011 by Dennis G. Jerz

I recently learned that my kids have the habit of turning this hectopus (a toy they’ve each played with since babyhood) away from the screen when they play Half-Life 2.


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