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Christian Strong, Editor-in-Chief

Christian Strong is a redshirt senior student-athlete for SHU. He is the quarterback and a captain for the Griffins football team and also editor-in-chief of the Setonian.



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Laramie Cowan, Assistant Editor 

Laramie Cowan is a journalism major and creative writing minor. She is currently the assistant editor for the Setonian. In her spare time, she likes caring for her miniature horses and reading manga.



Callista Arida, News Editor

Calli Arida is a junior communication major with a minor in journalism. She enjoys reading, writing and drinking coffee in her spare time.




Haley Carnahan, Lifestyle & Entertainment Editor

Haley Carnahan is a sophomore journalism major from North Huntingdon, Pa. She loves music, theatre and Spider-Man.



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Paige Parise, Online Editor

Paige Parise is the online editor for the Setonian. She is a communication major with a journalism minor and plays snare drum in the Griffin Marching Band.



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Danisha Rogers, Staff Writer

Danisha Rogers is a journalism major. She enjoys writing and is always laughing and smiling. Danisha is a social media coordinator and a staff writer for the Setonian.



oliviaOlivia Schultz, Staff Writer

Olivia Schultz is a hospitality and tourism major. She has done an internship for the Disney College Program and has studied abroad in London and Dublin. In her free time she is reading, singing, taking photos and hanging out with friends.




Bridget Malley, Staff Writer

Bridget Malley eats words. Or is it vice versa? In any case, she’ll be graduating this May with a degree in psychology.



Andrea Meyers, Staff Writer

Annie Meyers is a freshman journalism-new media major. She enjoys reading, writing and participating in theater in her free time and would like to someday write a novel about her life experiences.



Angela Shriane, Staff Writer

Angela Shriane is a sophomore secondary English and special education major. She enjoys working out and reading in her spare time.



Madison Wilson, Staff Writer

Madison Wilson is a sophomore psychology/sociology major. Her hobbies include art, writing, coffee and social justice rants.



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Merritt Bailey, Sports Writer 

Merritt Bailey is a junior communication major from upstate New York. He is also a goalie on the men’s lacrosse team here at Seton Hill.




Rebecca Scassellati, Cartoonist 

Rebecca Scassellati is a freshman graphic design major who enjoys writing and illustrating stories and comics. She also enjoys the performing arts.




Evan Vissat, Contributor 

Evan Vissat is a communication and creative writing double major from White Oak, Pa. Some of his interests include the outdoors, art, rock n roll shows and eating obscene amounts of Chipotle.



Charlotte Mango, Contributor

Charlotte Mango is a sophomore communications major and hospitality minor. She enjoys participating in club activities and eating two pound burritos from Chipotle.



Austin Shaw, Contributor

Austin Shaw is an English secondary education major. He is also a redshirt freshman on the wrestling team.




Jacqueline Palmer, Photographer

Jacqueline Palmer is the sports photographer for the Setonian. She is also a psychology major and business administrative minor who plays on our Lady Griffins softball team.



Luke Lewis, Advertisement Staff

Luke Lewis is a junior from Pittsburgh, Pa. He is a double major of sports management and human resources with a finance minor. He also plays defense for the men’s lacrosse team.



Keagan Pontious, Advertisement Staff 

Keagan Pontious a junior from Caledonia, Mich. She is a business administration major with a specialty in marketing and entrepreneurial studies. She is also a midfielder on the women’s lacrosse team and enjoys being with her family and friends, along with hanging out at the beach.



imageDennis Jerz, Advisor

Dennis Jerz has taught journalism and other English courses at Seton Hill since 2003. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto, where he studied American drama.  His previous experience includes radio journalism, writing/editing for the Virginia Engineering Foundation, and teaching technical writing. He has published on technology in literature and the history of computer games. He has maintained a weblog since 1999. He and his wife homeschool their two children in Unity Township.