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1. NY Times Education This is a grouping of journalism lesson plans that are meant for high school students. Though the lesson plans themselves are not particularly helpful to Collegiate level journalists, each lesson plan is centered around an article from the NYT relating to the topic of the lesson plan. These articles make interesting […]

The jobs we are training for won’t be the same by the time we graduate. In 5-10 years, being a journalist is going to look completely different. As it is now, just a news story or even just a video news cast is not enough. People expect to participate. They will comment on the websites […]

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“The world’s people, and the connections among us, provide the raw material for cognitive surplus.” Technology is great, and the opportunities that it provides us today are invaluable. Cognitive surplus wasn’t effectively used until the internet provided communities the ability to share in groups over wide areas. Still, the technology won’t do all of the […]

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“Making, then, keeps us from kidding ourselves into believing we’re above it all.” Jentery Sayers, “Making Things in the Digital Humanities”  One of the most important things I’ve learned in life and college is that I’m not very important in the grand scheme of things. I’m not saying that my life isn’t important or anything […]

“The choice we face is this: out of the mass of our shared cognitive surplus, we can create an Invisible University—many Invisible Colleges doing the hard work of creating many kinds of public and civic value—or we can settle for Invisible High School, where we get lolcats but no open source software, fan fiction but […]

Intelligence is often considered a singular thing. We go to school and learn our lessons. We have to take our own tests and write our own papers. How else can our professors survey our knowledge. What I love about college, rather than high school, is that they often realize that knowledge builds off of others. […]

For my term project, I’m “killing two birds with one stone” or whatever the less violent version of that phrase is.  I hope to compile a website or blog for Setonian staff members that will serve as a guide or resource for production. The project will be collaborative and ongoing hopefully for many years. My […]

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“Amateurs are sometimes separated from professionals by skill, but always by motivation; the term itself derives from the Latin amare—’to love.’” Rarely does someone look to  be an amateur at something. We aim for more, but there is also something really powerful about doing something for the love of it.We think of amateurs as people who are […]

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“A much harder thing to explain to them is this: if you were a citizen of that world, and you had something you needed to say in public, you couldn’t. Period. Media content wasn’t produced by consumers; if you had the wherewithal to say something in public, you weren’t a consumer anymore, by definition” (Shirky). […]

1. I found two existing Scratch programs that had features that I want my program to emulate. The first project would mimic “The Perfect Human Habitat” by allowing students to hover over parts of a newspaper and get a name and description of that part of the paper (bylines, cutlines, headlines etc.).  My next project would […]