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“Encountering intelligent machines from this perspective enables me to see that they are neither objects to dominate nor subjects threatening to dominate me. Rather, they are embodied entities instantiating processes that interact with the processes that I instantiate as an embodied human subject.” I don’t think I dominated this book. But my processes did interact with […]

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So in my last post, I asked a lot of questions about artificial intelligence and the differences between machine and mankind. I think Hayles read my blog… No really, I know that books don’t work that way, but Hayles did go more deeply into my questions in the final chapters of this book. Beth Anne […]

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So here is the thing… I have no idea what I want to do for my term paper. I feel totally and completely lost. So this post will be brainstorming for me. As a Writing Center employee, I know a bajillion ways to brainstorm/pre-write but I haven’t been having any luck so I’m just going to free […]

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“Hayles asks us to use Lem’s story to explore different kinds of freedom; the evolving consciousness that provides the narrative in “The Mask” takes on an identity as female in order to carry out a role, then suddenly removes “her” skin in order to reveal a programmed robot inside the body; the consciousness performing the […]

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My brother is a computer science major and I am an English major. We’ve clearly inherited our interests from our mom and dad. My mother is an English teacher and librarian where my father majored in electrical engineering and works in the computer/web world. Being very close in age, we grew up together and mixed […]

“It is obviously inappropriate to compare a literary medium that has been in existence for fifteen years with print forms that have developed over half a millennium. A fairer comparison would be print literature produced from 1550 to 1565, when the conventions of print literature were still in their nascent stages, with the electronic literature […]

I think the idea of coding is difficult for me because I know so little about it. I have very little background. Seeing the example of a feedback loop and the idea of immersion was interesting. I think I understand the idea of simple rules that define a loop and make things happen. It makes sense. […]

Blogging has still been essential in Media and Culture. This section of blogs have some very detailed assignments as well as a blog that was part of an online class. Our blogs have sparked much conversation in class and on the blogosphere. To further the experience, I am going to evaluate my blog posts according […]

Ts’ui Pên was a brilliant novelist, but he was also a man of letters who doubtless did not consider himself a mere novelist.” “The Garden of Forking Paths” doesn’t only question the role of the novel, but also it questions the role of the writer. In a word of hypertext style novels, where readers are […]

“Since sound, image, text, and their associated media (such as phonography, cinema, and books) can all be converted into digital code, many commentators, including Lev Manovich and Friedrich Kittler, have claimed that there is now only one medium, the digital computer . . . This claim has the effect of flattening into a single causal line-the […]