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So my Inform 7 coding has been going along swimmingly. I mean, no one in my game swims but other than that. I’m doing a Doctor Who themed story with the 10th doctor and Donna Noble. I’m definitely loving the story telling aspect of this programming much more than I liked Scratch. I’m feeling much […]

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Emerson’s book of nature is not a well-wrought mansion, but an edifice in progress: a writerly text whose words are not readerly, univocal, and denotive, but connotative and quivocal; not units of scholastic or Deist treatise, but waves/particles of a proleptic essay on quantum mechanics; not windows through which we objectively view the world but […]

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For our video, the skill I practiced most was teaching instead of doing. I like to run the video editing software, and it’s hard for me not to do things the way I want to. Working in a partnership allowed me to practice taking a step back and helping others learn, which is something that […]

I am the lover of uncontained and immortal beauty. In the wilderness, I find something more dear and connate than in streets or villages. In the tranquil landscape, and especially in the distant line of the horizon, man beholds somewhat as beautiful as his own nature. Emerson’s view of nature is interesting and it reminded […]

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Since the last blog portfolio, there has been a lot more blogging in American Lit and so a lot more to report about in this blog portfolio. I personally have gotten into a better rhythm for blogging and commenting and have even gotten my very first comments (finally)! Now it’s time to blog about what […]

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There was no line quite so confusing to me in The Scarlet Letter as the last one. “On a field, sable, the letter A, gules” (652). The struggle at first was the languages, which I realized thanks to Dr. Jerz’s podcast, was the language of heraldry. Heraldry originated in the middle ages. The idea was to distinguish families based on […]

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I’m back to playing Interactive Fiction. This time, with a partner. Olivia also blogged about our experiences. You can see that we found some different things (she was bothered by Photopia’s colors changes where I didn’t have an issue with it). But we all (Olivia, Jalen, Abbey, and I) agreed that working together was better […]

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“Even in our highly permissive age, though, sex often doesn’t appear in its own guise. It is displaced into other areas of experience in much the same way it is in our own livea and our own consciousnesses” (Foster 142). We obviously aren’t reading literature that is written from age, but we are reading from […]

For this blog post I wanted to choose a poem that kind of vexed me a bit. I’ll always admit Emily Dickinson is always difficult for me to interpret as a poet. I chose, however a poem that I found particularly interesting but also had questions about. I don’t anticipate having any of the answers, […]

Dickinson, “The Chariot” is one of her most famous works of all time. The poem illustrates many of the conventions that Dickinson is famous for including almost at random capitalization and dashes. The two versions of this poem also illustrate some of the controversy between how Dickinson’s works were arranged and edited posthumously. Between the […]