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To explain what I learned from my failure, I have to explain the process of that failure fully. In this class (EL 405 New Media Projects) my biggest failure was the meeting portion of my game. This exemplifies, I think, a bigger issue where I was too directive and lost some the integrity of parts […]

Follow this link to get to my Term Project game “First Time on the Job”. Practice your interviewing skills with this Interactive Fiction game. To learn more about this game, watch my video.

Blogging for this has been unique because it has been project based. Rather than responding readings or class discussions,  we were talking about our work and commenting I teach others work. Remembering to blog was hard, as was thinking of comments since we did a lot of talking/ commenting in class. What blogging was valuable […]

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Overall, I’ve loved working on my term project. It has challenged me, not only as a coder, but as a journalist and a teacher. I had to plan out what I wanted and implement it. I had to write effective characters so that players understood how to react to them. I also had to understand […]

Below is the portion of my technical report that summarizes my game. I also have a video that  talks about my goals for the game and why I made it. A Teaching Game for New Journalists             “First Time on the Job” is an interactive fiction (IF) game that is meant to be used as […]

For a view of what my user testers pointed out, watch my video summarizing their experiences. Here’s a run down (from my technical report) of the testing: Usability Testing              The goal of my tests were to have students who were journalism students or at least involved with the Setonian but who had also never […]

I’ve been blogging in this format since I was a freshman here at SHU. This, however, was my first fully online class that utilized blogging. In many ways my experience was similar to the one I’ve had in other classes, but in other ways, it differed. Using blogs to talk about literature was new for […]

I took my 1 day late pass for my creative project, but here it is! Hope you guys enjoy it! Let me know what you think? I’m a journalism major so I wanted to use the skills I have to work on this creative project. I wrote a news story as if the characters (the […]

“So play, dear reader, play.” As we finish up the class and as a result, finish reading Foster’s How to Read Literature Like a Professor, Foster brings up a good point. I’ve noticed that when I’m reading something that I enjoy and being creative, the interpretations flow more easily. I could follow Foster’s book all day and […]