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Reflections on My Term Project Experience
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Overall, I’ve loved working on my term project. It has challenged me, not only as a coder, but as a journalist and a teacher. I had to plan out what I wanted and implement it. I had to write effective characters so that players understood how to react to them. I also had to understand the concepts of interviewing that I was trying to teach.

I hope that I created something that is helpful for my coworkers and for future SHU journalists. The project was fun for me, but it will mean so much more if a student can use it to feel more prepared before his/her first assignment.

2 Comments to “Reflections on My Term Project Experience”

  1. jalengumbs says:

    Working on this term project was a lot better than I thought it would be. At first I was kind of nervous about undergoing such as project, but the challenge was well worth it and its been fun and informative.

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