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There is no need to worry about inserting variety into the sentence pattern. Readers are reassured— not bored— by consistent patterns. (Kershner 47) As the rest of my life has proved, I am not normal. My least favorite part of writing news is the unvaried style opportunity. Always write the quote then the attribution. Always […]

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“In other words, use the structure that best tells the story. Do not become enamored of a particular structure and try to force a story into it.”  (Kershner 70) When I first learned the inverted pyramid, I must admit that I wasn’t its biggest fan. As a student who had only written essays, the inverted […]

“When the twin towers fell, when the first man walked on the moon, when President Kennedy was assassinated, we knew about it because of the mass media. In each of those examples, we all knew about it at once; it was a shared experience” (Kershner 13). The most striking portion of the assigned Kershner reading, […]