Discussion Portfolio 4

This is the final portfolio for the semester and I feel I have come a long way in terms of expanding my background on literature. Throughout all of these portfolios I have covered a variety of topics from plays, poems, reading strategies, and different types of literature such as digital. This portfolio adds to the rest as it explores my experience with digital literature to plays and so on.


One post that I went into great length is my post on Writing About Literature. In this post I talked about some of the main take aways I took from this course and what I learned that expands my horizon with literature.

My post on electronic literature samples also fits in this category. I feel this post went into tremendous detail about the particular samples I chose to work with and also my experiences with them.


The post that best fits a risk I took this semester was my post on the electronic literature sampler. Here I talked about my experience with something that was sort of new to me and that was exploring multiple electronic literature samples.

Another post that I feel took a risk was the blog on wit. For this post I talked about my reaction to reading the new play (new for me) Wit. The material covered in the play was new to me so I thought this category was best.


One post that I feels meets this category best is my wildcard post. In this post I talked about what I have learned in Writing About Literature and I tied it into a paper I wrote on the play Wit.

My post on writing about literature I feel can go in this category as well. For this post I talked about all the sources that helped contribute to my learning in Writing About Literature.


For this category I did not get any new comments since the last portfolio but I did happen to leave comments during the peer review process when working on our draft papers. The comments I emailed to my peers in a word doc  I feel went into great depths to help other students write stronger papers.


Most of my posts this time around were on time. Although the post on wit was finished the same day as this is being written. But a few post were also early as well. I feel for this category I have grown but always struggle with one or two post that seem to come a bit later than most.


For this category, I feel I did not have a lot of post that fit this category. My post this time around I feel went into detail and shows that I have grown in this area showing that I got post done to show my willingness to engage with the course material.


For this portfolio, I feel it shows my goals, strengths and weaknesses during a busy time in the semester. I feel the post I put for each category respectively meets the category description on canvas. One area I seem to growing in is depth, riskiness and intertextuality. All while timeliness is a category I seem to struggle with this semester and past semester. I think scheduling out does help but sometimes I get caught up on other class assignments. My goal for future classes and this blog is to really get post in on time because a head start is better than posting late.


Source: Discussion Portfolio 4


After reading Wit I have come to the conclusion that this play really focuses on raw human emotion. While reading the play I immediately began to feel for Vivian Bearing and her situation. I think this reading for me was so different because I never had any piece of literature hit me with real emotions like this before. Also with this play I thought it was interesting how the character only seemed to have an emotional attachment with the reader as you learn the only thing Vivian really had an attachment to is her research. I thought this made the play unique in the fact other readings usually have the main character have some kind of attachment with another character.

Source: Wit

Portfolio 4: Newswriting SEL 160 01

This will be the final portfolio of the semester in Newswriting: Arts and Sports. With that being said, this portfolio presents blog post that have covered the final weeks in the 2018 fall semester. The last portfolio did not have too many post but the posts for each category sum up each; appropriately.


The post that best fits this category is my post on PAJ Ch 8. This post did not go into a lot of detail but I think this post went into enough depth that describe in my own words how journalist have a voice. I described in enough detail how the journalist gave a voice to the people in the Snowden situation.

Another post that I feel fits here would my post on PAJ Ch 7. Again this post did not have a tremendous amount of detail but the post did cover enough to talk about my experience with the Setonian in regards to the British government. I talked about how harsh the British government was compared to the guidelines of the Setonian.


The post that best fits how I showed riskiness this section of portfolio four was my post on PAJ Ch 7. I feel I took a risk and compared the current Setonian to the old guidelines of the Setonian.

Another post that shows riskiness is the post of Nellie Bly. For this post I feel it was risky because I talked about a new source. I did not have any knowledge of Bly in the past so therefore this post was risky.


The post that brings in outside information would be my post on PAJ Ch 7. I talked briefly about the Setonian and how this relates to the material in the chapter. I related my own experiences to the content on the guidelines of the British government.


As far as discussion goes I feel this category was a success when reflecting back on prior portfolios. For the fourth portfolio I have had two recent comments on two separate blog post. For me this is an accomplishment because any comment helps me grow on my blogs. The blogs that got comments were PAJ Ch 6 and PAJ Ch 8.


As far as coverage goes, I feel every post for this portfolio covered the material as it should be. I feel my post into enough detail so that every post covered enough content respectively. All the post were done for the due date and also as a reflection to my past experiences as a student journalist and editor for the Setonian.


For this category, all blog post were completed all time. Every post met the due date for each class meeting except for the Nellie Bly post. This post came a lot later but I feel I have grown in this category because of the time frame with every other blog post.

For the fourth portfolio of the semester, I feel this has made me grow as a blogger and also an editor. I took into account my past experience as an editor and journalist and also blogger. Even with the small amount of post I feel I was able to come up with a respectful portfolio that shows my willingness to meet each category four times through out the semester. This time around one of my strongest areas was, discussion. I feel this should always be a strong area because you can learn from any engagement with your peers.


Nellie Bly

Watching the Nellie Bly video in class made me think of my past journalism experience here at Seton Hill as a student journalist. Nellie Bly made it her own decision to go out and explore the world. By doing so, Bly not only made the situation newsworthy but it also showed how a reporter shows dedication. After watching the video, the main idea I took away from this, is that sometimes as a reporter you have to go out and look for the story. Not all the time will your editor present you with a story to follow. Therefore, as a reporter of any kind, it is your responsibility to go out and find the breaking news story.

Source: Nellie Bly

Wildcard: Any Course-related Topic You’d Like to Write About

Looking back to my last wildcard post I talked about my experiences with plays and poems in this class. Feeding off of that post, I think I was able to take a risk in this course recently with the papers I have written. I was never super familiar with plays or poems in the close-reading aspect so I decided to write Exercise 3 and my Term paper on two plays. Ex. 3 I wrote about the play, Wit by Margaret Edson and for the term paper I am focusing on Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare. For me, I think this is a chance to show my growth in a area I do not have that much experience. I also think this helped me understand literature in a more comprehensive aspect as well.

Source: Wildcard: Any Course-related Topic You’d Like to Write About

Principles of American Journalism Ch8

“A story about secrets and surveillance that raises Constitutional questions certainly counts as information of consequence to citizens.” (Craft & Davis 210)

Reading this chapter of the book again was interesting in regards to my opinion as a student journalist. I do think that journalist should have a voice but a voice that gives both sides to let the people who read the press have their own decision. I think this is what makes journalism so unique. For example, the Snowden story. Those journalists were approached by Snowden and he gave them the information to release. Now it was up to those journalists on how to inform people. The people were informed by the information that was provided and gave the people a voice not by the reporters taking a side.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch8

Principles of American Journalism Ch7

Reflecting on how the Setonian works and my experience working on such a student run paper, I have come to terms that we are free to write whatever as long as we are in practical guidelines. Comparing the Setonian to the British government it really does make it seem like we are free as student journalists to report and inform as we please. There are always boundaries to cross but I feel in the articles I have written which vary in topics from plays, sports, movies, club meetings and guest speakers, I was free to write within the appropriate ethics of being a student journalists.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch7

Principles of American Journalism Ch6 Codes of Ethics

So far out of all the readings I feel this chapter is one of the most important sections we can read and understand as student journalists. From my experiences, journalists are here to inform not to lie as described in the situation at the beginning of Chapter 6. As a student journalist I feel I have used my news gathering skills to inform a campus of real facts. In any situation as a reporter there is no need to lie, the facts should always speak for themselves in any kind of story.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch6 Codes of Ethics

Portfolio 3

This is the third portfolio of the semester and unfortunately I have been unfashionably late on the readings. With that being said, I think this portfolio will show my willingness to get what needs to be done within a short amount of time.


One post I feel went into enough detail for this category was my post on social media platforms. Here I went into detail about how social media and news corporation coincide with each other.

Even though this post did not go into a great amount of detail, I feel my post on news and information fits into depth. Here for this post I feel I gave enough detail to reflect upon the role of news and information.


A post that best fits this category would be the New Media Future 3 of 4 post. Here I was able to find an article that I felt was relevant to the topic in the textbook. I am not too comfortable with data and statistics so for me this was risky.

Here in this post about how newspapers are funded, I was able to relate what I know about the Setonian’s process of collecting ads. This is my first semester as an editor and I am still not all that familiar with the idea so for me I considered this as a risk.


The post that best fits this slot is my New Media Future 3 of 4 post. Here I was able to take an article from online and apply it to the textbook concept on why data-journalists and storytelling will not disappear.

Another post where I applied something relevant to the textbook was my post on my online editor position. Here I was able to describe the process I take in which generates traffic to the Setonian website.


The post I decided to put here did not generate any discussions because of the timeliness but I feel they are worth talking about in class.

Since we live in an era where social media is very prominent in our daily lives I chose my post on social media platforms to fit into this category for a future discussion.

Another post that would be worth discussing is the post on fact checking. This is an important topic journalists and students should keep in mind and I feel this would be beneficial to bring up.


A post I got done just to get it done was the post on how newspapers are funded. For this post, I did not go into detail but this also fits into a risk because of the unfamiliarity of the topic.

Another post I think suits this category is the post on fact checking. Again, this post did not go into depth or tie in another source from outside this blog but I got it done just for the assignment sake.


For this portfolio unfortunately I was late on every single one of the readings. From this experience, I think one thing I can learn from this is that when I become a journalists my editor will not except articles past the deadlines. Therefore, the importance of deadlines are important with the role of journalism.

For this portfolio, I have to say I am not happy with myself. I fell behind on the readings and my portfolio suffered because of that. Although I did manage to complete a portfolio my biggest weakness was my timing. I kept putting off the blog posts and I became unaware of where I had left off in the readings. As far as the other categories go, I feel I did link some sufficient posts that meet the requirement.

Source: Portfolio 3

Principles of American Journalism Ch5

In principles of American Journalism Chapter 5, I noticed this passage, “Early online business models were all about “traffic” -clicks were the coin of the realm.” (Craft & Davis 123)

Currently I am the online editor for the Setonian student newspaper. For me, this chapter was the most relevant to my weekly and monthly responsibilities as an online editor. As part of my job, I can see when and what articles get the most traffic. In essence, I can use this information to my advantage to decide when to publish to get the most traffic to our website. For now it seems the most traffic comes right away we publish and that is when it is done.

Source: Principles of American Journalism Ch5