Fake News Remains Top Industry Concern in 2017

“Of course, fake news isn’t a new problem for the media.”

I found a sense of enlightening while reading this article. Fake news is something that the everyday people need to be aware of. This article states that most fake news comes across from our social media. Articles and stories people share with the public from on their news feeds. In the article, the writer stated, “Human beings are likely to be uncritical of things that are consistent with their ideology, we now have a means of transmitting content to other people who agree with us just by clicking the ‘send’ button.” After reading this section of the article, I must admit I have done this before. Confirmation bias has led me stray and thinking an article someone shared with me was real news. I can remember a while back, several people on my twitter feed shared fake articles expressing the death of actor, John Goodman. I can remember feeling very shocked but I did my research and found the article was fake. Therefore, people need to be aware of what comes across their news feeds and pay more attention to the real news.

Source: Fake News Remains Top Industry Concern in 2017

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