What is Good Writing?

I found this article to be a good read. I found this part of the passage intriguing, “The English language is derived from two main sources. One is latin the florid language of Ancient Rome. The other is Anglo-Saxon, the plain languages of England and northern Rome.” This section was particularly interesting to read to get a sense of history behind our English language. Words that end in -ion or -ent are derived from these ancient languages. This was something new that was brought to my attention. The passage also talked about active and passive verbs which for myself a student journalist, is something I need to be aware of and comprehend to my full capability in order to succeed in the professional realm of journalism. This article also sparked my interest with the phrases, “Short is always better than long.” and “Simple is good.” So far in Newswriting the main priority of my writing is to inform with factual quotes and creditable sources but also to keep the stories short and to the point. One of the main lessons that has been instilled in me since day one of being a student journalist is to keep the stories short. They should be simplistic and newsworthy.

Source: What is Good Writing?

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