Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

This is my second course here at Seton Hill where I have had to blog post. When I first created my blog for news writing with Dr. Jerz I was a tad bit overwhelmed at the fact my thoughts and analysis on ideas would be online and published forever.

At first, my posts were vague and did not really dive deep into what I had to say about the articles and videos I read or watched. However, I did not stop posting instead I pushed myself to really interact on a new medium of communication. Overtime I watched my posts gradually grow in length and diversity to really get my opinions on subjects that were given to me for my class.

With this being said, I think posting blogs for any class really has its pros. Blogs gives students a chance to interact with each other outside of the classroom. Another upside to blog posting from my experience is that even if you are not comfortable with speaking in the class, you can still give your opinion on the material for a larger audience to view and take in.

Source: Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

2 thoughts on “Intro to Weblogs at Seton Hill University

  1. Blogging has really helped be prepare for classes too. It is hard for me to quickly think of ideas and share with a group of people without gathering my thoughts first. This way, I’m able to figure out what I want to discuss and see where other students stand on the same topics.

    • Though I don’t usually label it, I think of the work students do when they blog as the “Invention” part of the 5 canons. And when students start debating a topic before class, it often helps with the “Arrangement” canon, too.

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