Plato, “Apology”

Days prior to watching this video, I felt a little overwhelmed by the length of this hour long video.  I have sat through hour long speeches before and sometimes it was agonizing and the thought of sitting through an hour of a speech by a narrator just did not seem to interest me. After watching the video the whole way through my thoughts have changed on my previous perspective.

The one major reason my interest was peaked was due to the narrator. Any person can read a loud but I think it does take some character to read and enunciate correctly. Especially with this kind of deep text, because this is no easy literature what so ever.

With that being said, the narrator kept me focused the whole time. The way he read the text made me really focus on the text and gave insight as well. Insights to different techniques Plato used throughout this speech in that room within the passage. Following through with the video made me really feel like  was being spoken to and was really getting grasp on what it was probably like to be in the presence of that speaker and the historical time setting. You can really get a sense of the rhetoric being used by the speaker with his usage of figures of speech directed towards the audience.

Source: Plato, “Apology”

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