Twenty-Six Old Characters

I was able to read through the cursive text quite easily. I have read and wrote in cursive in my previous years of education but if I tried today it would be somewhat of a challenge. Handwriting in my life is something that is kind of becoming obsolete. In my today’s generation we have laptops and phones that we can type everything out with. Although I do handwrite my outlines for papers. Without learning to write I would not have the knowledge of knowing letters and the formation of words; obviously.

The things that really stood out to me in the video is how letters have developed over time. Early on in the video the letters almost, well at least to me, like hieroglyphics. Another thing I found amusing was the fountain pen and how that came to be. The guy in the video pulled a lever to get the ink in the pen, nowadays we can just go to the store and buy a pen that is already filled with ink.

Source: Twenty-Six Old Characters

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