Calvino, through Ch 3

From reading the book up to Chapter 3 I definitely had some mixed feelings. The book starts off with Calvino placing you as the main character right away. He does this in a sense that makes it fee like the author is narrating how you are about to read this book. Then the book jumps right into a story at which this point I feel I was involved and part of the train station setting right there with the narrator.

I thought this was a very clever technique Calvino used so far. The author created one story using the reader as the main character and has them dive right into a story from which it almost seems to come to life. This is a little confusing because it does jump around a little bit but after reading up the the third chapter, I can sort of realize what is going on.

Source: Calvino, through Ch 3

2 thoughts on “Calvino, through Ch 3

  1. I agree with you, I was a bit confused at the beginning because I was expecting the train station story to continue, but it had switched off to something else.

  2. I felt that the technique for the use of the first-person perspective was literally dragging you into the story. It makes the character feel just how the MC feels and get more attached to the story as it progresses the character development to accomplish the sense that of officially becoming “A Master”. A transition from boy to man.

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