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Friday, 02 Oct 2015


Portfolio 2

Friday, 09 Oct 2015


NR&W 7

Friday, 16 Oct 2015


NR&W 11


Article Inspiration 1

Post a link to a magazine article that you’d like to emulate for your term project. What are some specific strengths of your model that you’d like to emulate, and how do you intend to provide original content that demonstrates your ability to apply what you learned in this class to the creation of original journalism?

Monday, 19 Oct 2015


NR&W 14 (3 of 3)

Pages 299-311.


Article Model

Read this article.

Zoo meerkat expert sentenced over assault on monkey handler

I’ve posted a link to this article’s appearance in The Washington Post, but note that it was written by a reporter in London, by a reporter whose paper is a member of the Associated Press. The Washington Post is also a member of the AP, so the Post gets to reprint the article in its pages without having to credit the London newspaper (where the story first appeared).

Note and comment on some or all of the following:

  • the headline
  • the large photo (with an AP style cutline that follows the two-sentence pattern — the first sentence explains what the reader is looking at, and the second sentence explains why the picture is newsworthy)
  • the lead
  • the total absence of “when asked about” and introductory statements that summarize the content of quotes
  • the use of quotation marks around the word “nasty” (why?)
  • the brief reference to the opposing view
  • the newsworthiness of this item (remember What Is Newsworthy?)




Verify or Duck

The Washington Post and other news outlets are following the Lamar Odom overdose story in great detail.

An Internet address listed on the packaging directs users not to information about Reload, but rather to a Japanese-language Web site about Internet dating. An e-mail address listed on the Web page did not work.


Wednesday, 21 Oct 2015


NR&W 16


NR&W 18 or 20

Skim both chapters. Choose one to focus on. (Feel free to write a responds that engages with both.)

Friday, 23 Oct 2015


Revised Homecoming Preview

Based on the discussion we had in class, the feedback you got from your peers, and any recent developments in your story, revise your Ex 6a submission, and publish it on your blog.

Add hyperlinks, including a hyperlink to wherever you will do your live coverage (if applicable).

There will also be a slot in Canvas for you to submit the URL of where your revised story appears on your blog.