Monday, 23 Jan 2017


Trifles (Susan Glaspell)

Trifles — full text

  1. Find a passage from this literary work that you feel is worth discussing in class.
  2. Click the “Login/Blog Me” button you see on this page. If your blog is set up properly, clicking the button will create a new post on your blog. Edit the placeholder text so that it presents the passage you want to discuss, and also explains why you chose it.
  3. Submit your post by pasting a permalink to the blog post you just created.
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  4. Along with the URL, add a comment that gives your classmates a reason to visit your page. (Try to be more substantial than “Hey guys, come see what I wrote!” or “Here is my assignment.”)
  5. After your classmates have had the chance to post their comments, follow some of the links your classmates have left on this page. Leave comments on the posts written by 3-5 classmates.