Thursday, 09 Mar 2017



Read Vera Zubarev’s article, “Chekhov as a Founder of the Comedy of a New Type.”

If you use your SHU credentials, you should be able to view the full text of the article by clicking the link.

(I will also upload a PDF of the article to Canvas.)

This article only mentions The Cherry Orchard once. While I don’t expect you to have read all the works that Zubarev mentions, I am asking you to demonstrate your ability to apply Zubarev’s analysis of other Chekhov works to The Cherry Orchard. Particularly, Zubarev uses the metaphor of chess — instead of characters who perform actions that drive a plot (which Arisotle understood to be central to drama), and instead of revealing a psychology that changes over the course of the play (which is central to our modern understanding of drama), Zubarev suggests that Chekhov writes “positional” drama. (I’ll let you read the article in order to engage more deeply with that idea.)

Respond to this essay as you would respond to any other assigned text; quote brief passages, make connections, and consider opportunities for engagement that emphasizes depth, intertextuality, riskiness, and so forth.