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Thursday, 06 Apr 2017


Academic Article (Your Choice)

Locate and respond a peer-reviewed academic article that you can apply to a play we have read recently (Waiting for Godot, Medea, or Oedipus Rex) but which you have not already cited in any work you have submitted for me — I am asking you to look up a new article).

Note — your article does not have to mention the play in the title, as long as you can use your chosen article to help you do a close reading of a passage from one of the recent plays.

This assignment is your opportunity to practice coming up with an evidence-based thesis — that is, practice presenting textual evidence in favor of a non-obvious position on an interpretive topic. (Remember, this may be very different from the kind of writing you may have been asked to do in high school, when you may have been rewarded for demonstrating that you can summarize the contents of what you read, making a personal connection to your life experience, or listing facts about the author’s life or the historical context of the assigned reading.)