Castro's Assignment. Not to be Confused with Cuba

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So this assignment was ok. Really valuble for me and easy in the beginning, but on page 12 I didn't understand where we got the information to link one page to another. The same goes for page 25 with the picture link. I figure that alt in the link information means alternative, but I can't figure out what src means.

I also had trouble opening a photo editor because my computer keeps rejecting any changes I try to make to the pictures. So it was difficult for me to finish the assignment, although I understood the rest of what to do.



"src" is the "source" of the image file. It can be a full URL ("") or just "file.htm" in which case the browser will look in the same folder as the page that includes the URL. I don't have my Castro book with me at the moment, but I'm sure we can clear this up in class Monday. It's great that you're getting a head start on this assignment. It will all come together before long.

Daniella Choynowski said:

On the companion website, I found the pictures, which appeared to already be edited and ready for use. I think that the photo-shop pages were just to show you what to do when creating your own personal page.

Did you ever embedd a photo on a myspace page? It's the same thing

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