Usenet what?

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Alright, I'm not gonna lie. I was tired when I read this article. I hardly understand any of it or the point trying to be made. I cannot comphrehend the simplicity of usenet and blogs from long ago. I still don't understand what Memex is or what primitive email readers are.

I do, however, know about noobs. I remember being a noob to many different websites. But, I would read a lot of the threads and watch how people acted on these sites before I ever did anything visible to the public. And, even though I was a noob, I still get very frustrated with noobs on the sites I like to visit. They load stuff that's not neccesary and crowd the forums with dinky messages and applications.

In the end, I get to be a noob again though. Blogging on an acedemic forum is something I haven't done before and I'm learning the ropes slowly.



Jackie Johns said:

I understand how you feel! I too was a little confused when I tried to picture the primitive Usenet system and how it worked. And I was so surprised at myself! I figured that because I live in a world filled with current and ever-changing technology, that I would grasp the concept of Usenet easily. But far from it! I guess it's just a reminder that these new technologies just don't appear out of thin air, there is hard work and years of intelligence behind them.

Alex Hull said:

Aja, we are noobs together. I have no idea what Memex is. And blogging might be kicking my butt. But it's something I'm willing to (and required to) work at.
One day, people will look back and laugh at our simplicity.

Christina Celona said:

I was so confused when the article started explaining about Usenet...eventually I gave up trying to understand it and just read the story.

I totally understand why anyone would find n00bs annoying, even if we were the same way once. I guess the only solution is to offer anti-n00b classes in elementary schools...

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