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Reflection on Intro to Chapter 3 of Don't Make Me Think...

At first in the Intro, I didn't quite catch that rocket surgery was wrong. It's a combination of rocket science and brain surgery. I don't really know why that is his motto. Maybe because it is wrong. In any case, it made me think (and I wasn't too happy bout that).

I do, though, like that it is a thin book and easy to read. Perhaps Kilian could benefit from structuring his book similarly. In chapter one, I agree that making a website self-evident or at least self-explanatory really helps the user. I know many times I've given up frustrated with a search because I couldn't produce the right keywords or in a website I could not figure out how to purchase the item I wanted.

Onto the idea of Billiboards. I'm a writer and I like a lot of words in my stories, but I can see how detail like that can be scanned over. Heck, I do it. So, making the homepage (at least) like a billboard is a great idea. It gets straight to the point.

I enjoy this book because I'm learning about things I didn't know, or things that I knew just not consciously. Like making heirarchies and using conventions. My pages could really use that to make navigating even easier.

I also enjoy Krug's cliche's, jokes, and quotes littered throughout the book. It reminds me of my writing style and keeps me interested in a nonfiction book.



Alex Hull said:

I agree that Krug has definitely found a style of writing what is essentially a "how-to" book that interests us. It is thin and easy to read. The pictures take up a lot of room, so the reading goes even faster than you would think by just glancing at the book.

I agree that I'm learning things I knew, just not consciously. It is helping me to realize why I like the websites that I do and how to add those qualities to websites of my own.

I agree that the cliches and witty comments through the book are reminiscent of your writing style a bit. Hooks to keep the reader reading, the user using... this style works well.

Jessie Krehlik said:

I hear you, Aja, about using an over-abundance of words when writing. It's probably my worst attribute in my papers...wordiness. So in this situation, it's good to have someone just come out and tell us to get rid of the fluff and just get to the point.

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