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In reading Chapter 9-11 in Don't Make Me Think, I immediatly focused on the idea of people paying users to test their sites. I'm a poor college kid and am very willing to share my opinions for a measly $50. I also enjoy the Web (done right) and usability testing. Actually, I really enjoy taking any kid of survey that can teach me something about myself or benefit me with money or a reward.

In any case, that is not the only thing I learned from these chapters. I found, especially chap 9 and 10 very helpful when learning about how to properly (and cheaply) usability test. These chapters were very similar to Dr. Jerz's ideas on his usability tips handout. Even those his were quick tips and Krugs were extended explanations, they really had the same concepts like try to get an accurate audience, but don't worry about it too much. Ask your users specific (not opinionated) questions not just "do you like it?"

I thought the handout was a good start point, but wished I would have read Krug's chapters first before I conducted the test. In reading, I immediatly found some things I wished I had done instead. But, it was a learning experience. Live, Learn, and then get Luvs. <- One of my favorite ads as a child.



Aja, I'm glad to hear you found the tips a useful introduction to Krug's chapters. You're right, I think everyone will be able to do a better usability test after having read these chapters, but I also think that trying to do a sample, low-risk usability test (meaning that it won't really hurt a client or affect your grade) based on what you thought you know has prepared you to get even more out of Krug's book.

I was a little nervous about assigning such an old book, but the class reaction to it has been very positive. Thanks for adding your opinion into the mix.

Anne Williams said:

I thought the same thing when I read about designers paying random testers $50 (which is cheap for them but makes a difference for me) I thought how cool that would be if I was actually picked or could somehow sign up to do one? But anyway I thought Dr. Jerz introduced us before the reading on a good way to do use ability testing cheaply- for free! And from what he said I think its a good thing to run the low-risk testing because what do you have to lose? You can only gain.

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