Edward Cullen and the Holy Grail

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Was it odd to anyone else that in chapter three of How to Read Like a Professor (HRP) that the author compared a quest for bread to a quest for the holy grail? I was amused that getting bread and going to whack a guy in Vegas were considered "tasks of varying nobility" (2).

The part about communion on page 9, I thouroughly enjoyed. Not just because of Foster's choice of words or examples (although those are quite riveting), it was that I could actually apply the idea of communion in a story to books I have read (literary and otherwise). I see in Twilight (it's what's popular now) when Edward and Bella have a spontaneous dinner that it showed she was comfortable with him. Even though he could kill her. It was also a dinner that focused more on conversation and getting to know one another than eating.

Actually, the dinner there was more of a date. Would a date then be different than communion because it serves a different purpose? Or would the fact that it took place while eating still signify she was comfortable with him?

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First off, I love the title, and that someone else is this class immediately thought of Twilight. Secondly, I think that the dinner/date that Edward and Bella had during Twilight was a strong indicator of the fact that she was comfortable with him. If my memory serve me correctly, she was still sorting out if he was a vampire at that point, right? So I think there is some underlying point that she's trying to get across to us, like "Here I am, eating dinner while this kid sits here and eats nothing and he just somehow saved me again and I think there's definately something wrong with him but I'm too dazzled by him to leave." kind of thing? Maybe? And the same goes to Edward, I think. He wouldn't have taken her to dinner if he didn't feel comfortable with her, especially since it seemed like he and his brothers and sisters just kept to themselves a lot. It shows that they're both branching out and saying like Foster said, "I'm with you, you're with me, I like you, we form a community together." :)

Aja Hannah said:

Maybe also! Vampires lack community normally because they do not eat together and the Cullen family is the one of the odd families out. But they still keep some of their distance when in the cafeteria with everyone and they do not eat so perhaps people find this subconsciously disturbing and stay away from them.

And yes she was still sorting out his vampire-ness.

Nikita McClellan said:

I dont believe a dote would be al that different in the sense of twilight. Had it been a blind date, then that would not be communion if you as me (not to mention it's probably awkward). Edward and Bella had an interesting fasicination with eachother throughout the book and and part of communion is learning if you ask me. Not matter what the communion, ideas and belief of some sort are shared and interests between everyone are brought up.
I also wanted to agree with you and say that I also like Foster's book. I feel that i cant relate to it as well and make my own connections with books that I have recently read, but that I'm sure is a good portion of his goal.

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