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We did learn from VTech and other school shootings, but there are always room for improvements. I feel the alert system should be tweaked just a bit. When I got the alert, I didn't know where this situation was happening and I was concerned about my friends in different buildings. So, instead of just saying "There has been a situation..." the alert system should include on or off campus. This way commuters will know it has to do with a SHU student in Greensburg and use more caution out on the streets.

The emails and alerts were also sent out pretty late after the roommates called the police in the early hours. The text messages didn't arrive until 8 after he was already shot. I still think we did the right thing by having a lockdown no matter if it was on or off.

I don't find any fault with the police. They gave him hours to calm down and it was morning. Children could have come out on the streets or people going to church and he had a high-powered rifle that still could have struck one of them. It's sad that he died, but the Tribune's heading is really negative. What about the police officer? How does he feel for having to take a life so young?

Campus Shootings

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