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The first thing I noticed is that our website doesn't have pictures or any type of visual. There is a lot of white space and barely any color. I propose changing the color to Seton Hill colors to distingish this Setonian from the other one. Also, I really liked the idea of a picture as a background in South of Here instead of our little clip in the top corner.

The layout to South of Here was also very simple. On the front page of Setonian Online, I didn't even know there was more to a section until I scrolled down. Also, I couldn't understand why some of the navigation bars had red on the sides when I scrolled over it and the others didn't.

In Where Doubt Remains, the layout was also very simple and short on the front page. It also has a search bar within the first page instead of buried in the long navigation.*

As for any other ideas besides changing the layout, I enjoy the content except that there are no pictures. Online we have the opportunity to put color photos up for free. Why not? I like this idea from National Geographic site to put scrolling pictures up with a small caption that lead to our best stories.

* The Contact Us link does not work.

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