Intro to Journalism

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I've been in both types of classes before (journalism and English) so I know both sides to the writing styles. This is a very quick intro to journalism and covers all the basic points. It's good, but I've seen it before and don't really know how I should comment on it.

The only thing I can say is even in English/Creative Writing, I do enjoy the active voice (sometimes more journalistic voice) while writing. It makes everything short and concise, which sometimes pose a problem when I have lengthy papers to write.



Angela Palumbo said:

lol. I've been in your shoes before. In high school I remember writing these short papers only to realize that I was half a page short of the page minimum. So what did I do? Exactly what Dr. Jerz said we all did. I added adjectives and changed my sentence wording around as to add length. But sometimes I actually had the oposite problem. My teacher would give us a little room in the number of pages she wanted us to write. She'd say something like 3-5 pages. But if I'd write the 5 pages it seemed like I'd always do worse than if I'd have written 3 because there was more text to find problems with. My boyfriend would get better grades on these papers because his papers would be exactly 3 pages.

Wendy Scott said:

yea I agreee with you its hard to comment on this I havfe taking a class similiar to this in high school, and my communication class refrences the same writing. It seems to all come together. An papers yea I wrote a 13 page research paper it only had to be 7-8 I had to delete the extrea pages some times its better just to stick with the basic though we tend to be at the top so it can be a challenge:)

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