Kill the Characters

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I read chapter 11 and I actually enjoyed this one for the most part. (Sure, there was still too many examples, but I liked to point.)

At first, I wanted to disagree and say there was sometimes no meaning in killing characters, but there always are. Death doesn't have to be symbolic (in literary work is usually is, but in normal work...nah). It can be used for other things like Foster says plot advancement or putting stress on other characters. I do this in my stories too sometimes and, depending on the character, I like to make it particularly emotional (not cheesy) so the reader can empathize.

Sometimes I have deeper meanings to the character deaths that even I don't see normally and its not until I reflect that I find that I did this unconsciously. It's interesting.

I also like reading stories where the main character dies because you have that vested interest in that character and you look for reasons why the character died or flip ahead to see if they come back.

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You like reading stories where the main character dies? I'm one of those people who likes when the bad people die because sometimes they deserve to have something bad happen to them but when the good person dies it blows my mind because I just think that they didn't do anything to end this way. Kind of like in sports movies when you can predict who is going to end up winning the big game just because why would the opposite happen.. then I get disappointed when the predictable doesn't happen.

Aja Hannah said:

I like it when the main character dies because it blows my mind. It's so unexpected and different than what I normally read. I've gotten bored with a lot of fiction because it is so predictable.

I do also like it when the bad guy dies too because he deserved it, but what about those instances when you can't tell who is bad like in Artemis Fowl? I also would be ok with the bad and good guy dying in a fight together.

Sorry it took forever to get back to you but I've never read Artemis Fowl but yeah in some instances that would be ok.

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