Loss of Quality...Kinda

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I believe that the Internet does create a loss of quality, but it isn't just the Internet. For example, PerezHilton site is dedicated to spreading rumors around about celebrities based on fact. I saw someone mistake this site for real information. They believe (for example) that Chris Brown abused Rihanna.

It is true the Brown got arrested for abuse ("a criminal threat") against a woman and it is true that neither showed up to the Grammys, but officially it is not Rihanna that has been abused. Just a woman.

This brings up another idea for me. I almost agree that a lot of news needs to have impact to make it. Like celebrities are news now and a big part of journalism is following them around and reporting all their actions. Right now that is a stable market where money is still made.

Is this quality? It does have impact. It's what the people are looking for. It doesn't always bleed, but it does lead.

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Jeremy Barrick said:

It has to bleed before it leads. Otherwise it's boring. Impact has to have a punch. If not, the "normal" consumer will turn the page. That leaves a bland story isolated.

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