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I am excited about the look of the new Setonian Online. At first glance, it is a real improvement from what we had. I'm glad to see pictures and color and a horizontal navigation bar. I agree that the bar should be made bigger so that viewers can easily pick it out and know where they want to go.

That said, I think it also looks a little crowded. There is a lot of text going on and links. In my opinion, it is a little too much. Things seem squished and shoved in as an effort to make sure everything is seen. I think we need to evaluate what should go on the homepage. For example, games may just need to be a tab in navigation unless we have just created a new game.

Inside Higher Ed still had a lot of links and words, but for some reason it seemed less crowded. I enjoyed their internal layout also with the exception of all the scrolling. Yahoo articles handle this well. When their articles run too long, they give an clip of the first few paragraphs and if the reader wants to continue reading they can push a button that shows the rest of the article instead of scrolling past the article to get to the comments section.



Good points, Aja. You're right, "Photo Galleries" should probably be the default tab that's visible in that multimedia panel... I drew it with "Games" visible as a way to get us to think about the possibilities. We should obviously go with the media we have, and we already have material for photo galleries. "Games" should just be one of the tabs on that panel.

Yes, I do tend to try to jam too many words on the page. In the last few years I've tried to develop the visual component of my brain, and I agree that design is too crowded. But it's a start.

Jeremy Barrick said:

As far as online newspapers go, I like to see as many things crammed onto the first page as possible. That way it keeps my interest.

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