The Bible and Pedophelia

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I have many questions about this play, but I should chose to only focus on one or a few. The biggest: What is the main point of the play? A comedic view on the follies of humans?

Why are their so many bible references? At some point (and order), they stop making sense. Cain, of course, is the evil brother of Abel that kills him to get the land right? And the mysterious baby at the end could be like baby Jesus cause Gladys never has sex? (That we know of) Of course, the Flood and Noah's arc in Act II.

Other refrences are: Moses as a character and Eva/Adam promise ring...the singing/chanting in Hebrew and either Greek or Aramaic. Is all of this in any particular order? Like Old Testemant to New or something?

Last thing, did anyone else find it weird the 12 year old telegrapher mentioned having a wife and two kids?



April Minerd said:

I definitely thought it strange that the Telegrapher is only 12 and grown enough to have 2 children, while Henry is considered 4,000 yrs young by his mother. Both ages must have been purposefully mentioned, but I haven’t figured out what that purpose is.

Julianne Banda said:


I agree, I find myself confused as to what the real purpose of this play is. It is just for humor or is he trying to educate people in an odd way about the Bible because of all the references. I like that you notice that it was never mentioned that Galdy's had sex yet had a baby and made the connection to Jesus. That may be just what it is referring to. In my blog it is all about how the other characters have a certain biblical reference but Glady's does not have a clear one.

I also found it odd that the 12 year old boy had a wife and kids. Maybe it is just Wilder being odd and seeing if anyone would notice or there is significance to it.

Sue said:

Hey Aja,
You are probably getting tired of seeing me pop up on your blog allof the time. Anyways, I wondered about the 12 year old telegrapher with a wife and kids as well. Maybe since the first act is supposed to be the stone age before the ice age Wilder is showing us that people got married really young. I wondered about the biblical thing as well, I looked at all of the other stuff in the book and and seemed to say that Wilder wasn't very religious, so was he making fun of the biblical stuff? I was wondering about the baby as well. I never thought it would be the baby Jesus, that makes a little sense.

Jessica Bitar said:

I too noticed all of these Biblical references. I still haven't really made the connection of the Biblical references with the rest of the play. One reason I could think of is to show how our lives can be parallel with different aspects of the Bible, but I'm not really sure how the flood or Gladys' baby would tie into that...
I also found it odd that the 12 year old telegrapher has a wife and kids. And like April said that Henry is 4000 years old, that surprised me as well as Mr & Mrs Antrobus' 5000 year anniversary, but I still have not figured out the relevance to this.

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