Fly Away Dirty Minds

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So this entry is not much about the sex chapter, although I really did enjoy them. I agree that sex is everywhere in literature unless it is specifically a sex scene. Then, it is just graphic sex. Those were another couple of chapters where I knew everything already. I was just hearing it said out loud (and not for the first time either).

I probably really enjoyed those chapters just because they were about sex. It's a taboo subject so its fun (and strangely alluring) when we actually get to read about it. What this blog is really about is flight. "Flight is freedom" (128) really struck me because I started to connect all the ideas and sayings that we use to describe freedom and flight. It's almost synonymous and yet we can't truely fly.

In a bad situation, we respond by either fight or flight. If a person not very tied down, they are described as "flighty." When your dreams take "flight" they are realized/set loose/freed.

What other metaphors or sayings can you think of? Do we do this because its something that everyone wishes they could do? I know when I used to be stuck in practice or at school I wished I could literally fly out of the buildings. I knew no one would be able to catch me because (gasp) people can't fly. 



Andrew Adams said:

People that are really happy can be described as "flying high", and when parents have to let their kids be independent people often compare it to birds leaving the nest (flying away). Flight is something that every person I've ever met would like to do. I mean honestly, if you ask someone if they wish they could fly the obvious answer is yes. Even in Aladin, the scene of freedom from their roles is flying around on the magic carpet.

Aja Hannah said:

I love connections to movies especially Disney movies because many in our generation know that best.

I wonder how/when else freedom has been represented as actual flight instead of just using a phrase like "flying high."

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