Mullments with Jesus

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There were a lot of moments to mull over in Resurrection Blues. It took me a while to figure out they were somewhere in Latin America. I'm just so used to everything happening in America (especially since it is American Lit) and I'm used to hearing of communists as bad and Americans as good that I just assumed.

That was my only real hang up. It was pretty clear from right off the bat it the story was about new Jesus or some figure like him. I enjoyed all of the deep thought and I'm still not sure what side I would be on. Crucify or not? There are so many reasons, but (with the way their culture was and our culture is now) I don't feel crucifixion would help at this point. Like in the book, we would make it too novel and materialized.

This brings me to a question: If there is a God and a Son of God who was incarnated to human form, would he have the same impact today? Would he have any impact? How would he have to be changed to get the message across? Or are we all doomed to no further salvation and just the rapture?

I also really liked the idea of imagination and what we feel or what we think we see isn't really anything compared to what it could be and how we could really, strongly feel like how that Jesus guy would weep for hours. "The hall of the imagination is where we usually live; and this is all right except one must leave one's real sorrow at the door..."

I liked this (and the rest of this quote) so much that I can still not wrap my mind around the full meaning.



Nikita McClellan said:

I find it intresting that you talk about if Jesus would have the same impact today. In my opinion, probably not. In a socirety where many people concerned for themselves and think that they have all the answers, it it hard to get them to listen to anything. Many people in this soiety are to worried about the latest styles and looking "hott" or "sexy". We have become a vein culture and it is hard to have an influence in any other direction. I think to some degree he probably would have some impact, but mostly on his already devout followers. But at the same time, I could be completely wrong and he could possible have a major influence. Who knows?

Aja Hannah said:

I think he would much less impact on a place like the United States instead of poorer or less vain countries like those in Africa or Latin America (which is why I think the author chose to have this new Jesus spring up in Latin America rather than US).

I think in those countries people need more help and have less money so they are more concerned about the basics and necessities than things they want or luxuries.

Julianne Banda said:

I really liked that fact that you brought up that because this is am American Literature class you assumed the setting was America. I also would have thought the same way if I wouldn't have read the back cover before I started reading it.

I also really liked that question that you brought up about the Son of God. I don't really know how to answer that question because I do believe that Jesus came back onto earth today it would not be as obvious as people think it would be. To us he would just be a normal human being until he starts performing miracles of anything like that. I also agree with you that he would have a bigger impact on poorer country's such as Latin America.

Aja Hanna said:

If Jesus came back today, we'd probably just think he was a better street magician than David Blane or Chris Angel. Then Jesus would be corrupted by Hollywood to use his gifts for entertainment and money. (Like in that one family guy episode)

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