Call it Fast News Instead

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There was action (I suppose) in action news at 11 last night, but more of the focus I noticed was speed. It seemed like they were racing to get the words out, the story across, and as they did so all the news clips seemed a blur to me. Is this effective? I guess so since they're doing it (though every clip I watched I could have or already knew by internet).

I found a lot of the news to be about local happenings so I think they were covered by WTAE, but I couldn't hear any of the sources mentioned. It all went so fast. Each story was about a minute long. Klapak said the average student/learning attention span is 16 seconds so following that rule the anchors try to cram in the top of the pyramid, the newsworthy stuff as fast as possible before switching to something else.

I found in interesting also that the weather got the longest consistent air time. A couple newsworthy non-local stories I assumed were pulled from another source. For example, the reel of the Pirates game had a nearly invisible tag at the top that read FSN. I suppose the footage came from another source then.

The rest of the time (majority) was spent on commericals, "coming up", and graphics/logos/idle chat.

As for journalist/WTAE reporter, they seem similar in what they are looking for in a writer. The journalist piece seems to cover all the in-depth bases that  WTAE lumps over in "experience", but WTAE puts a giant focus on time and speed.



Jeanine O'Neal said:

Maybe it was fast at 11 p.m. because they had little time to cover the news for the day. But, at 5 p.m. they had so much free time that they just advertised for the next hour and sat around chit-chatting about sheeps and the real name for a harness.

Aja Hannah said:

Maybe so. I didn't get a chance to watch the 5 or 6 show. I just saw the 30 minute summary at 11 I guess.

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