The Necklace

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I thought I had read this story before, but I was wrong. There is a similar short story that I feel is more moving than this one about a girl in a concentration camp (of some sort, she may be asian) and all she has is her necklace (or is it a bracelet).

This story though makes a point of detailing the woman and her emotions rather than factualy state what happens (like the side notes show). This added emotion and information is supposed to add to our sympathy felt for this woman or believe she really did grow stronger in those ten years and it was worth it.

I actually felt quite the opposite. Her constant sadness and desperation for material things disgusted me. Why couldn't she be happy with her husband? Why even marry her husband? I may have to look in context, during the time this was written for, to find these answers.

I was also confused as to why she didn't go to her friend. If her friend wsa so good as to loan her "diamonds", then why couldn't she go to her friend and tell the truth? (Probably also in context.)

Last, I disagreed with the moral of the story (note on the side). I believe she isn't better after 10 years of work. That was a little too extreme. Maybe two years, at the most five. Now she is probably more bitter than ever.



Jessie Krehlik said:

I agree with you Aja. Mathilde's materialistic nature was a major turn-off for me. And I think she got what she deserved. I didn't feel pity for her before the necklace was lost, nor did I feel bad afterwards when she learned that the necklace she and her husband spent their life's fortune on to replace was a fake. And I agree with you about the moral of the story. She obviously hasn't matured at all in the past ten years, because as soon as she sees her friend after her debt has been paid in full, she does not hesitate to tell her friend that it is her fault, while it is clearly her own fault for lying and being selfish in the first place.

I, too, feel like the character probably did not improve after all that time. She seems rather immature at the beginning, and that immaturity was still present after all those years of hard work. If she had really grown as a woman, she would have admitted to her mistake of losing the necklace and lying about it when she met her friend again.

Carissa Altizer said:

I feel badly for her husband...he seems like such a nice guy! All he wants is a loving wife, some beef stew, and a comfortable home. No wonder he wants to take a vaction away from her. No doubt he needs a break from Mathilde's whining about money and her depression because all she wants is more "stuff." Maybe she should have spent her spare time at a soup kitchen or traded jobs with her maid for the day. However, there is a good chance we wouldn't have had a story if Mathilde would have invested her time in other people or seen her own selfishness.

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