Actor versus Character

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I read Romeo and Juliet a long time ago (didn't like it) and saw the Dicaprio movie (understood some of it). As I said before, I'm not much of a Shakespeare fan, I'm not going to pretend to be, so I didn't really get into this play. It was interesting, but the characters didn't strike me because they already weren't my favorite.

The thing I thought was cool happened before the play even started. Page XVI and XV "[Parts] will need to be tailored to suit the hair colour of the two actresss involved."

It then goes on to list several changes that could be applied. This stunned me. Instead of looking for an actress that fit the part, they fit the part to suit the best actor/actress. Wow.

This strikes close to home because my sister just tried out for her high school play and she did wonderfully. She even got a callback, but when the cast list came up her name was not on it. Not an understudy or even secondary character.

The teacher basically admitted it was because my sister is mixed and does not fit the look of any of the parts. I like this play for that reason. It doesn't have that prejudice especially when it doesn't even matter to the substance of the play (like hair color).


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