Chapter 6, Not 8

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"The most effective journalistic tone in the '90s would seem to be the plain and unadorned" (58).

What? We're way past the '90s and this was printed in 2000. So does that mean that it's still the best route to go? Or it's the '90s route and it's time for a change?

For chapter six, I agree that Newswriting (for the hardcore news) should be plain and without the personal touch, but I enjoy features that speak to me. Even in television news, they pull the reader in with "you" such as "What should you expect this holiday season? Find out at ten."

These times personal touch and some of these other taboos are appropriate. For things like motives and incident/accidents, personal touch and using tone incorrectly is really inappropriate and can lose readers (and in the long run profit) and then you'll get fired.

I am confused though. I see "polite" words in newspapers all the time about "senior citizens" and some sort of "interaction" or the "disadvantaged." Is this wrong now? Is it no longer politically correct? Or are we supposed to be more blunt?


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