Crazy Confusing Names

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A thing I found interesting on the sheet was the way to do dates. That wasn't something I knew before and I make that mistake a lot. I actually don't think a lot of people know it or know to follow it.

Anything rewritten suggests there was a problem. I assume people know why because we went over most of it in class. If explanation is needed, feel free to comment.

Assistant News Editor Anne O'Nymous read the article. (A TITLE)

"I really appreciate her work ethic and problem-solving ability," said Jameson. (Redundant)

Although Spunky Inkworthy only wrote for The Setonian this year, Obituaries Editor Lazarus O'Mortigan complimented Inkworthy's contributions. (Both above reasons)

Head Librarian Marian Paroo said, "BLANK" about Inkworthy's contributions (if something within the quote doesn't give away what it is about). (unnecessary info)

"Here is a quote", said Bill Jones, a freshman at BLANK. (label)



I think a lot of times mistakes arise because people don't even know there's a prescribed way of typing something. This is a whole new world to me, and I'm running across things that I haven't even realized I ought to look up. For instance, I've always spelled "theatre" with the "re"; I've always felt that was the common spelling when you're talking about the art form. But I just happened to notice while flipping through the book that AP dictates you should always spell it "theater" unless you're referring to the title of a theatre that spells it with the "re." I would have never even thought to look that up. That's crazy! One wonders why it matters so much. But still, it's best not to have inconsistency between articles, and the only way to do that is to have a very comprehensive set of rules on how to spell and punctuate things.

Josie Rush said:

Though, I'm not sure how comprehensive all the rules are. Check out Jeanine's blog if you have any questions about capitalization. She asks a good question, and Dr. Jerz answered it there as well. I didn't even know enough to be confused until I read her blog.
Aja, I'm with you. I definitely didn't know there was a way I was supposed to be typing the dates until Friday, Sept. 11.

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