Double Take

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The headline draws in the readers, not really the lead. Then again, it's supposed to be quick and factual. So its pretty dry. It's always amusing to hear that the bad guy doesn't win in the end and actually gets a little beat. I don't have much to say about this clip though aside that it is effiencent and certainly serves it's purpose.

 You can see how the second one is fleshed out. It updates the facts, what's happeneing so far/what's new, then retells the story and the older facts for people just tuning in. It's a longer article because of all this development and I guess because it isn't really breaking news. I was a little confused by this article though because it didn't go in chronological order and I hadn't heard of the event before. I wasn't sure what happened first, what was alleged, or what the outcomes were.

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Jennifer Prex said:

In all honesty, I had to read the second article a couple times for the same reason. Also, as Matt Henderson stated in his blog, there was also the fact the article stated that the paper "does not name alleged victims of sexual assault," but then named a victim from a previous case. I think that just added to the confusion as well. I think that's one of those articles that works best if you've been following the story.

Aja Hannah said:

Yea. I actually found the longer one harder to follow. It did have a lot of details. I liked the shorter to the point one. Since I don't know these people or places, I just can't relate/don't care about the quotes.

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