Problems, problems everywhere

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Problems, problems in your hair.

I'm almost positive no one will read this so I decided to make a little poem (title and first line). Now to the serious stuff: Chapter 12. Why wasn't this presented earlier? Maybe because what Dr. Jerz said in class. We need to try other strategies before we go back and try it this way.

Finding the problem first is in no way new for me, but it wasn't ever something I took into consideration. I brushed over it or barely thought up a problem before trying to nail down a thesis.

The strategies were also interesting because parts one to three could be applied to strategy four. Maybe I'll try this way of writing a paper next time I get stuck, but there are no promises.



Josie Rush said:

Heh. I like how you used the title as the first line of your poem...Oh, right, the actual entry.
I also thought that the strategies were interesting, if for no other reason than to see what some of the tecnhiques we use as writers may be called. You're also right in that they could be helpful when we just don't know where else to go with a paper. Some different techniques are always welcome.

Brooke Kuehn said:

I thought the same thing at first. "Why didnt we read this chapter earlier?" But then i realized that i proabably would have just disregarded all the strategies and just thought i already know all of this. But after already writing a paper in this class, i see now that this chapter is actually helpful and i may use these strategies when writing my next paper.

Dave said:

Josie, I agree with you. It's pleasant to have names given to techniques that we already employ. I never thought of finding a problem as necessary, just the easiest way to write a paper. I guess for me it is easier to argue a point than just explain or describe something.

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