Silence is Power

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So I liked the parallel thought in the academic article "Silent Justice in a Different Key: Glaspell's Trifles" I used for class today. Silence made the women powerless at first, but it was this silence that in the end made them powerful, bond, and solve the mystery.

The author of the article was great at gathering and using a variety of evidence as well as using that evidence in different ways like quotes, paraphrasing, and summary.

The only problem I had with the article was that it was hard to follow. It's not the hardest text I've come across, but it did present challenges. I felt there were so many parts to define within the extended thesis and I lost sight of the thesis sometimes. The title of the paper really reminded me what it was about. Sometimes the author made conclusions that tied into her thesis and other times the conclusions at the end of paragraphs seemed seperate mini-theses.

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