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Wow! So I actually learned something new for journalism (instead of review, review, review, keep your audience in mind). Well, the keep your audience in mind is the same, but now it gives us a look at the editors rather than readers. (Editors point of view is similar to the readers though cause that's who they're selling to, but whatev.)

To me "pitch ideas, not topics" is the most important point in this blog. The other things come later, but this is something not many people get. I've heard (even said before) "why don't we do something about dorms?"

That's a topic, not an idea. It needs to get fleshed out, rehashed, used at a certain angle not done before. There are so many things about the dorms, so many times we've written about it, and why? Because its the thing that interests students the most? I don't know.

Write about sex. That'll interest them.

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Derek Tickle said:

WOW, Aja! You're right! If you write about sex, then everyone one campus will want to read it, but why is that? Has our society become crazy about this topic? I think that if you relate to the audience that you are writing to, then they will want to read everything you publish.

Angela Palumbo said:

Your talk of sex (and notice this is what Derek and I commented on) reminds me of my high school English teacher. She taught us to come up with a phrase or something for the beginning of our article to catch our reader's attention. Someone even started her article with the dirty little word just to get readers. Clever don't you think? Of course, this would probably never fly in the world of professional journalism. But if you go work for Cosmo, then you could do it for most articles and it wouldn't just be a ploy to get people to read, it'd be the topic.

Aja Hannah said:

Yay! Smut.

Greta Carroll said:

You make a good point, Aja. We are now focusing on the editor’s point of view. And yes, while the editor wants to please the readers, his/her tastes will always be tempered slightly by their personality. Just as Katie pointed out in her blog (, sometimes when we write papers for different professors, we do have to consider them when we pick a thesis. It’s almost a sort of balancing act between pleasing ourselves, the editor, and our readers.

Derek Tickle said:

Angela - I think that you are correct when it comes to writing and article and your job. It depends who you work for and what that person expects.

Greta - I think that all three of us are thinking on the same level. We must please our readers or they won't read and we must make the editor feel interested in our topic or they will become bored out of their mind.

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