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So President JoAnne Boyle surprised us in class today with a press conference. Lucklily, Jesse K generated quick questions beside me that I was able to expand on. I had other questions too like "why doesn't the school have cameras?" I'm cool that there aren't many, but sometimes they'd really help catch people. The more people accepted the more theft or other crimes. 

We also had a chance to learn a little more about Dr. Boyle, her personal life/goals, and about the school, but sadly we ran out of time and she couldn't ask the same from us. I stopped by her office later that day though and she was very pleasant.

Little fact I learned: Because we don't have every bed filled/are completly overflowing, we don't have a new residence hall. It makes sense. Why build a new one that would end up mostly empty? All beds aren't filled in every room now, but when we do have more students (Seton Hill plans more expansion) we have a plot of land marked out and ready for a new hall near Farrell and Dechantal.



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