The Sexy Blotter

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This reminded me of the blotter that I collect for the Setonian. I wonder if we expanded that, would it help get the readers' attention? As I said in another blog, half of our audience would love to read about sex or crime. If we expanded the blotter, made it a column, would students finally read it. I know a lot of kids who pick up the Setonian now and flip to the blotter section because it amuses them.

This article/chapter was also more informative than most of the other things I've read, especially if I were to do what I suggested above. A lot was review, but it finally answered the question for me of "why report crime" aside from "oh, it's newsworthy and it bleeds so it leads."

"Some crimes may fascinate people who obey the laws but who wonder what it might be like to break them." I always thought this might be true, but should we write for these types of people? Aren't we just teaching them to be better criminals?



Kaitlin Monier said:

Yes! The police blotter is definitely something that is interesting to read and a lot of people do go directly to it. That's a great example of why people read about crimes. It is easy to read about why people like news about crime, but the information doesn't sink in until you find yourself interested in it. Then it is easier to understand the reasons. Thanks for a great example!

Aja Hannah said:

Yea. Imagine if we added pictures for the blotter or really flushed out crime on campus. Instead of us reporting about an off-campus event/crime, we'd report about something every person on campus can relate to and has a conntection to. Even more people would read the paper.

The feature could include a list of crimes that have happened at nearby universities, as culled from online reports.

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