But Where's The Time?

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"An accurate context involves representing all sides of the story fairly and completely. Reporting draws on as many sources as may be necessary to accomplish this" 12.

But where is the time to do all of this? Maybe if this was your only story or only job. It would be a really great idea for articles appearing in our paper where we have more time to gather quotes, but in a paper that comes out everyday or an assignment for News Writing (like just this last one) it's hard to find sources that will respond in time and give you both sides.

I realized the night before the article was due that I didn't have any quotes opposing the Fake Hymen Kit or that were conservative. The farthest they went was saying it was wrong or attempting understand the conservative side, but not siding with it.



AprilMinerd said:

It's a relief to hear someone else say this. I'm beginning to feel overwhelmed by the expectations on journalism. Fact gathering for news comes from sources that aren't like the ones you'd include in a research paper. The information doesn't come bound in a book, honest and factual. And a reporter doesn't have a tremendous amount of time to verify and collect it. I understand reporters have chosen to be in position demanding credibility, but the subject matter is human, the reporter is human and humans are not perfect.

Josie Rush said:

I'm glad that our books for this class were written by people who have been involved in this field, because if these types of expectations seem unrealistic coming from *them*, I can only imagine having to hear them from others.
This last assignment was difficult for me as well. I prematurely panicked and emailed Dr. Jerz saying I didn't have any quotes...as one of my sources emailed me back. It's hard when your quotes are bland (luckily mine weren't for this article, but I've been there)and take you nowhere.

Andrew Wichrowski said:

Definitely. I do feel that there is an ideal in newswriting, but it isn't always followed by newswriters. If they (we) did, we wouldn't need to read this guide.

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