From Breaking to Bland

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These news articles are from Washington Post (.com):

Police Seek Man in Silver Spring Bank Robbery Attempt - I found this from the Examiner and I think it is the same type of article. I also found these about the arrest. I guess because they aren't AP style recommended the Washington Post can't use them.

Man Shot to Death in Northeast Washington

These breaking articles are all short and to the point (like they should be). One has pictures and another has a map of the crime because both are unsolved/without arrests (I think). At the end of the article, they also asked for more information to be sent to specific departments. An update, but not from the Washington Post.

Suspect in Death of Woman Found in Manhole Dies This is actually a follow-up article to one printed the same day titled "Body Found in Manhole Leads to Charges in Case" written by:

By Liz F. Kay and Justin Fenton
The Baltimore Sun
Tuesday, October 6, 200

(I didn't link this article because you have to be a Washington Post member to see it anyway). This follow-up article was actually posted as breaking news and in the center of the article it linked to the related articles. The "Suspect in Death" article is actually written by the AP though so I'm continuing my search.


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