Newswriting Portfolio Dos

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News Writing class is halfway done now. This portfolio will demonstrates the skills I have learned in class and out of class between the last portfolio and this one. This portfolio will also demonstrate the conversations/debates I have generated about the texts in depth and in brief. I will be putting up a a couple of blogs for each section that demonstrate these skills: Coverage, Depth, Interaction, Discussions, Timliness, Xenoblogging, and Wildcards.

To see the definition for these sections, see this blog of Dr. Jerz's. This is where you can see other students' portfolios.

Coverage - Recent to old, all the work I've done with exception of wildcards below

Depth - Longer work, goes in detail, little comments because of how informative

Interaction - where I commented/disagreed on my own blogs. I didn't get many this time because I didn't really get any comments. Discussions - Blogs that got many comments, productive discussion. Well I didn't get many comments so I' just combining the two here.

Timeliness - Posted early and got comments

Xenoblogging - my comments on other blogs. I did not split it up because I've been working on this blog all day and I'm exhausted. If you're interested, click the links and see which catergory it applies to.

Wildcard - an extra blog I did about Dr. Boyle's interview and a blog I updated constantly.

I also wrote two blogs for one assignment on Chapter 6 and 8

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