Not the End

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I find it interesting that the ending is left open at a sort of cliffhanger, but in such a way that a reader could stop there. We know the man and wife make it out alive and we've heard of the horrors of Auschwitz before. Even the mystery of Anja's diaries are solved. Still, the reader wants more. (So now I'm checking it out from the library.)

What's also weird is that Anja was always right. Did she have some other sense like Vladek did when he had that vision? Sure she was crazy and a little unstable, but when she wanted to keep her son and they gave him up, he was killed. If they'd kept him, would it have been different? She wanted to stay with Mrs. Motonowa, but Vladek wanted to go and they were sent to Auschwitz.

I'm sure Vladek eventually realized these things and was crazy from his wife's death and that's why he tried to get rid of their time/past.


Oh, I really like the part where Art realizes that his drawings of Vladek seem just like the racist stereotype. We talked about young and old Vladek's differences in class? I wonder what made him that way.


Dave said:

I hadn't really thought about Anja always being right. I had noticed when they made choices that in hindsight were poor choices. I just thought that it did a great job of illustrating how unfamiliar, and unpredictable situation they were in. There was no way to know what choices would eventually lead them to freedom, and which would lead them to Aushwitz or death....which come to think of it, is a bit like the situation faced by lab mice in a maze.
Anyway, another possibility is that Vladek isn't a 100% reliable narrator, and because he obviously loves and misses Anja, he exaggerates how strongly she favored taking actions that in hindsight would have saved them, thus in a way taking all the blame for their ending up in Aushwitz.

Kayla Lesko said:

Vladek seemed like the type of guy that wanted to be in charge of the situation. It also seemed like he had a hard time putting his faith in others. It's not very surprising considering the nature of people at the time.

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